Replay 4 for Windows Desktop

Replay 4 for Windows Desktop 4.3

Replay 4 for Windows Desktop backs up Windows

Replay for Windows Desktops is a tool for backing up Windows. The program allows an administrator to remotely manage and monitor large VDI deployments or machines that are geographically distribted machines using a single console.

Replay for Windows Desktops includes self-service recovery options. With the centralized management console, organizations can cover a few or thousands of workstations.

Administrators have the ability to automate backups as well. The program includes policy-based management of both backup and recovery operations using a central console.

With this program, it takes minutes to recover the OS, applications, and all data. Administrators can perform silent installs of the program. This program makes it simpler to automate backup and recovery processes.

Administrators can remotely monitor and manage large VDI deployments. The program streamlines the migration of the system to virtual environments or dissimilar hardware.

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Replay 4 for Windows Desktop


Replay 4 for Windows Desktop 4.3

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